ICOFY Dapp is the first ever Initial Dapp Offering (IDO) voting DAPP. Developed for ICO/STO to gain accelerated entry to the market.

The platform uses POC (proof of community). Projects invite their communities to participate in voting process to vote their ICO/STO to the top on ICOFY platform and win an investment up to $250K in capital and promotional campaign.

We are preparing to directly solicit high net-worth institutional investors on behalf of blockcahin startups. We have connections to a 7.8 billion dollar AUM network. As we are finishing our compliance process,submit your company details. When we are registered with the commission to solicit for investments on your behalf, we will be in touch for our matchmaking services.

ICOFY Search is an artificial intelligence DYOR market search engine for investors to research blockchain assets based on price trends on exchanges using transaction data, sentiment analysis and historical price data.


How ICOFY Dapp Works?

Step ONE

1. Participants need to hold ICOFY token for minimum 7 days in their wallet to support ICO projects

Step TWO

2. Anyone holding ICOFY token will be able to log on to the platform and list an ICO or vote.


3. A minimum of 100 votes will be required to enable each ICO listed to be live on the ICOFY website for public access.

Support projects with vote.

Discover project with proof of community and vote for favorite ICO projects

Recieve free valuable Token

Get free valuable token from token pool

Our People

10 Dedicated Team & Dev

30,000+ Blockchain enthusiast and experts in our community



With help from our teams, contributors and investors these are the milestones we are looking forward to achieve.